Editorial Team


  1. Allan Zuckoff, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, United States

Section Editor, Training & Supervision

  1. David S. Prescott, Private Consultancy, United States

Section Co-Editor, Training & Supervision

  1. Igor Koutsenok, Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego, United States
  2. Anya Sheftel, Department of Counseling Psychology, University of Oregon, United States

Section Editor, Theory & Research

  1. Michael B. Madson, Department of Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi, United States

Section Co-Editor, Theory & Research

  1. Mark Farrall, Ignition Creative Learning, United Kingdom
  2. John S. Baer, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, United States

Section Editor, Practice

  1. Carl Åke Farbring, BSF (behavior, counseling, change) Institute, Sweden

Section Co-Editor, Practice

  1. Antoine Douaihy, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, United States
  2. Nina Gobat, Department of Primary Care and Public Health, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Section Co-Editor, International MINT

  1. Mieke Zinn, Brijder Verslavingszorg, Netherlands
  2. Gallus Bischof, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Research Group S:TEP (Substance Abuse: Therapy, Epidemiology, Prevention), University of Luebeck, Germany
  3. Cristiana Fortini, Service d'alcoologie, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland

Section Editor, Features & Communication

  1. Claire Lane, University of Birmingham & Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust, United Kingdom